Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The future’s brighter!

Remember Inigo Wilson - the Orange employee who was suspended pending an internal review when a reactionary Muslim group complained about a joke/observation he had made on the ConservativeHome blog? Cranmer covered this issue, and exhorted his flock from the pulpit to boycott Orange if they refused to reinstate Mr Jones.

It appears that Mr Jones has indeed been reinstated. A doubtless victory for free speech and common sense, but a slap in the face for the Muslim Public Affairs Committee.

Cranmer awaits news of an Islam-wide boycott of Orange, with demands for shari’a law to be introduced in order that its directors may be executed…


Blogger Croydonian said...

And now my only reason for dumping Orange at contract renewal time will be because of their non-existent levels of customer service.

10 October 2006 at 14:24  
Blogger Peter Hitchens said...

Orange like AOL are probably the only two mega co,s I feel any brand loyalty to.
Orange has great service, AOL lkewise, plus I have worked out how to get free broadband from them(havent paid for 14 months)

10 October 2006 at 14:36  
Blogger Croydonian said...

Doubtless the hesperophobes were already boycotting Orange because the brand is franchised to an Israeli operator.

Orange operates as an ISP in the Maghreb and Jordan, but has little presence as a telco in the 'Islamic world', bar a joint venture in Egypt.

10 October 2006 at 14:49  
Anonymous Steve said...

You mean Inigo Wilson?!

I's good to hear that he's back at work.

10 October 2006 at 15:05  
Blogger Cranmer said...

His Grace humbly apologises.

He was musing on the name 'Inigo', and, being steeped in culture, 'Jones' followed swiftly on.

Of course it is Wilson, and now corrected.


10 October 2006 at 15:51  
Anonymous Will_B said...

Most excellent news, but it is a shame it came to this.

Free speech! Forever!

10 October 2006 at 16:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I doubt Muslims will boycott France Telecom if only because they wana...doo...doo

10 October 2006 at 17:48  
Anonymous religion of pieces said...

Attention all Christian congregations regarding the Pope's comments on Islam . If you live in an area with an active Muslim population, it may be wise to review your Church's security, fire-precautions and insurance cover:


10 October 2006 at 22:39  
Blogger Mr Eugenides said...

The future's bright. The future's beheading!

10 October 2006 at 22:51  
Blogger istanbultory said...

An enlightening post from His Grace. I hadn't heard of this development but it is most welcome. Praise Be!

11 October 2006 at 05:46  
Blogger Croydonian said...

RoP - cum grano salis, I think. The BNP is reporting an item from Civil Liberty, which is itself a BNP front organisation, and the latter's report contains no documentary evidence of any attacks at all. Which is not to say that they have not happened, but...

11 October 2006 at 09:44  
Blogger Cranmer said...

Mr Croydonian,

You are quite correct. His Grace always treats such sources with a degree of scepticism until evidence is adduced.

11 October 2006 at 10:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Always thought that 'the future is bright, the future is orange' was either some weird Charlie Kennedy LibDem slogan or an Irn-Bru advert.

Both of them are unfortunately Scottish, Orange and frequently drunk in public ...

12 October 2006 at 10:36  
Blogger GaryTheScubaGuy said...

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