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The evils of an amnesty for illegal immigrants

There are burgeoning demands for Britain’s illegal immigrants to be pardoned and granted British citizenship. These calls are being led by church groups, unions, MPs, and social activists, with Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor at the head. The churches argue that illegal immigrants working in Britain should be given permission to remain ‘on humanitarian, economic, fiscal and administrative grounds’. There is to be no retribution, but instead an assumption of reformation leading to immediate restoration. This is apparently necessary firstly because of cost, as though Mammon somehow outweighed the rule of law; and secondly because the vast majority attend Mass, which is very nice for them. But absolution before the Almighty does not negate the necessity for earthly retributive justice.

Why should the misdemeanours of British nationals be doggedly pursued and punishable until justice is seen to be done, yet those of illegal immigrants expire after a couple of years? If the preoccupation is cost, it would probably be cheaper to pardon all of our non-violent offenders, so why stop with illegal immigrants? We are not here talking of genuine asylum seekers, who indeed may be driven by acts of desperation to escape persecution and oppression, but illegal immigrants from Kenya, Russia, or Latin America, and their economic needs are supposed to challenge us to pardon the forging of government documents, and the intrinsic fraud, lies, theft and deception.

Cranmer is bemused that those immigrants involved in these dubious pursuits are termed ‘honest’, ‘good’, and ‘hard-working’. In a world of moral relativism, ‘honesty’ may indeed mean whatever people wish it to mean, but it is a definition that is antithetical to honest, right-thinking, and law-abiding people.

Aside from placing further strain on housing, hospitals, schools, doctors and dentists, not to mention the costs involved in translating every document into the myriad of necessary languages to give them access to their ‘rights’, an immigration amnesty will only serve to encourage more illegal immigration, as it has ever done.

The occasional ‘normalising’ and ‘regularising’ of the odd 500,000 is certain to compromise the peace and security of the Realm. The solution? Deportation. And if that means Cranmer is ‘racist’, then let the debate begin.


Anonymous george orwell said...

I have a million pounds under the bed that I stole a few years ago. If the government would let me spend it, I would pay taxes.
I should not have stole it but I did and they are not going to catch me now, so let me spend it.

8 May 2007 at 09:14  
Anonymous Voyager said...

The pressure group is more interesting should His Grace care to investigate - not only John Bercow and Billy Bragg but assorted groups funded by the National Lottery and linked to Jack Dromey aka Mr Harriet Harman, and assorted Trades Unions seeking new members....and the usual suspects on the Left.

I was disappointed this march could not take place before last Thursday's election to engender a debate, or even a question on the ballot paper.

Surely a referendum would reveal popular will on such a matter as to which neighbours you wish your children to share their future with and their school desks today ?

The sooner Cormac Murphy OC is replaced the better; he does his Church no favours by sidling up to the Muslim Council of Britain......and I did miss the march about religious murders in Pakistan and Turkey or Zimbabwe......

It would appear the woolly-thinkers in the Church hierarchy cannot shake their 1960s dimension in a 21st Century world. Had they campaigned for masive arms build up and a quest for Lebensraum by repatriating Calais and the areas of France once held by The Crown I could see logic in their proposals, especially as M Sarkozy now proposes to evict illegals from France.

I know Britain has served as a repository before for Somalis leaving the Netherlands or Algerians leaving France, but I had not expected such a welcome to be organised by the Churches who seem so incapable to ministering to citizens of this country beyond extracting money from them

8 May 2007 at 09:51  
Anonymous Alexandrian said...

If there are enough people committing a certain crime,

and if there is a good chance that they will not do it again,

and if it is expensive in terms of time and resources to apprehend them and prosecute them,

then pragmatism will eventually suggest an amnesty every time.

8 May 2007 at 12:12  
Blogger Newmania said...

Billy Bragg now ( See Voyager) , there`s a chap who lives his beliefs
Dorset has a population of 407,217, plus 165,370 in Bournemouth and 137,562 in Poole (total 710,149 — mid-year estimates for 2006.91.3% of Dorset's population were born in England and 95.2% were born within the United Kingdom. 98.8% are indigenous, an extreme example of the disproportionately small ethnic minority population in rural areas.78% of the population are Christian, 13.7.

Sounds like England as it was . You Grace is a ever a clear spring from which unsullied wisdom flows. In Spain they have had several such amnesties which only sucks in more emboldened adventurers. It is an idea of staggering stupidity. For this reason quite aside form the morally dispreputable “ Oh well its done now “ argument which is quite literally used to counter just calls for the death penalty and the recasting of prison as a place of learning not punishment.

I read that 8,0000,000 jobs are likely to be ‘off –shored’ ( whince) over the next few years and many in my own area have already been . Why not offshore holding centres say to India where the man power is cheap and they can be run in a civilised way . Just as they marvellously man the telephones UK workers are too expensive for .. calling themselves Alan and John simply for our benefit . An admirable country which would be happy to deal with the human detrius just as it is happy to deal with other waste we pride ourselves on collecting . Once out of the country physically the hope of reprieve would disappear and you would find far far fewer turning up. This India idea would be a good one for all our prisons by the way.

Whilst I make these suggestions semi facetiously I think the idea of an offshore holding centre is a good one and a common one . Better possibly to have Home office that is half way competent or a Police Force that is able to exert itself other than in the cause of misrepresenting statistics but these bounties are not likely to be available in the Brown interregnum.

Your Grace is of course not a racists and I doubt that such low half baked Darwinian claptrap has ever been considered by such an erudite thinker . We can on the other hand distinguish between people of different cultural groups and nations . This would be easier if the poisonous multi cultural experiment was really dropped and England’s people regained that happy homogeneity so useful socially , in time of war and for class mobility. The newmania family are not of a uniform skin pigment but are as English as bacon and eggs . In not supporting the England World cup effort on the risible basis that it contained black people , the BNP showed that they understand nothing of the English although I have a limited sympathy with some who cast a BNP vote.
I had hoped that the “ racist” slur had lost its potency but it was of course used by Publicly funded Student bodies ( Star) attempting to ruin the career of David Coleman the Oxford demographic Professor and spokesperson for migration watch . They smeared him with the suggestions of “Racism “ seeking to hide government lies both about the number and contribution of immigrants . Inestimable says Broon , “A Mars bar a month”, says the Professor ,who happens to be right.

Well well, I doubt anyone else will enjoy that but I certainly did

8 May 2007 at 13:08  
Blogger Newmania said...

such low half baked pseudo Darwinian claptrap...I should have said

8 May 2007 at 13:11  
Anonymous John Hayward, The Difference said...

I too have been bemused by the Church's calls for an amnesty and am pleased to find His Grace in agreement with me. As I noted in connection with the case of Mohammed Samad a month ago, precedents elsewhere in Europe make clear that amnesties do nothing to reduce the problem of illegal immigration and may in fact exacerbate it. The Church is indeed called to show compassion, but she (perhaps more so than others who lack a perspective on the eternal) should also recognise that pandering to people's immediate desires is not always in their or the wider community's long-term best interests.

8 May 2007 at 13:26  
Anonymous Voyager said...

The Church is indeed called to show compassion,

The Church is too much an institution run by Man for Man rather than the living legacy of the Risen Christ.

The propensity to join in vogue social causes always reminds me of that comment about those who marry the spirit of the age being left as widows

8 May 2007 at 15:50  
Anonymous bob said...

"The Church is too much an institution run by Man for Man rather than the living legacy of the Risen Christ."

The Church is also of divine origin - even if we don't like the stance it takes on certain issues it is still somthing which was given to us by Christ himself.

8 May 2007 at 18:26  
Anonymous Colin said...

"The Church is too much an institution run by Man for Man rather than the living legacy of the Risen Christ."

Precisely. If we look at the incentives, we might be able to understand what is going on.

(1) The illegal immigrants would be foolish for not trying to immigrate to a Western welfare state to improve their own life. Amnesty adds to the already existing incentives for illegal immigration.

(2) The immigration industry provides income for a large number of civil servants, lawyers, social workers, church employees etc. Hence, the immigration lobby is far from being altruistic as they always claim.

(3) With regard to the churches, it always feels good to do good as long as others have to pay the bill.

If the promoters of illegal immigration would have to personally pay the costs for the consequences of their proposals, they would soon shut-up.

8 May 2007 at 20:15  
Anonymous Steven_L said...

Having lived in London, working for a council that couldn't pay me on time, in a £10 a night youth hostel full of illegal immigrants - I say deport them all. They wouldn't be that difficult to find.

Not only do they dodge taxes and commit petty crime, most of them are very rude people who wake you up in the middle of the night wanting to borrow your lighter then don't give it back.

13 May 2007 at 14:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm an illegal immigrant from Kenya. I think you are all a bunch of uneducated fools who are not up with it. I've lived here for over 10years studied in one of the best unviversity. I paid my own school feels and never relied of the state. You are just a bunch of fools and very illetrate me who dont understand that some of us kenyans are better educated than you fuckers in UK. Therefore, by right I deserve to get residence in UK. We dont take drugs like you guys.

2 July 2007 at 09:36  
Blogger Cranmer said...

His Grace will try his uttermost to resist responding to a highly intelligent Kenyan, educated at a top British university, who cannot even spell illiterate, let alone write in coherent sentences.

Go on, now, run along with you.

2 July 2007 at 12:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kenyans need amnesty in UK. Current new about what happening in Kenya in the name of religion.

It was a grisly scene; human body parts next to a blackened pot, raw blood sprinkled on a dusty floor and a skinned carcass of a goat. The items, found inside a house where 12 Mungiki suspects were shot dead in Murang’a on Sunday, offer spine-chilling insights into oathing ceremonies conducted by the killer gang. They seem to confirm the myth that the gang, which first appeared as an anti-Christian sect in the early 1990s, uses human sacrifice in its rituals. A Bible was also found in the rusty tin-roofed house in Gaite Village in Kangema, but had the New Testament pages torn off. Police are now probing whether body parts of people dismembered by the Mungiki suspect, recently, may have ended up in such gruesome rituals. Central Provincial Police Officer, Mr Philip Ndwiga, said they found human hands, fingers and other paraphernalia, which the sect uses while administering oath. Police also found a man’s private parts and a bowl filled with blood. "We suspect they are parts of the bodies of their victims," said the PPO. "We do not know what they use the human body parts for. It is a mystery, which we are yet to unravel. We do not know whether they drink it (human blood)," he said. In the last two months, Mungiki suspects have beheaded more than 10 people in Nairobi and Central provinces. A witness to the Sunday incident said the gang members performed traditional rituals, ostensibly, to bind them to the group. They first surrounded the goat while chanting prayers, and then skinned it alive, he said, explaining he was watching the startling rituals from a nearby thicket. "I saw them move out of the house, squat in a circle, all facing the black goat and they started praying," he added.

Some of the Mungiki sect paraphernalia found in a house in Gaite village, Kangema constituency. Police also found human body parts, which they suspect are also part of the concoction the gang uses to administer oaths. Picture by Moses Omusula

He said the initiates, led by an elderly man, then trooped back to the house in a queue, led by the goat, which is preserved as a sacrifice. The initiates were then made to jump at the entrance of the house. "The exercise was too baffling such that at one point I had to pray, not sure what I was watching was real," he said. He said that a few days before the Sunday incident, he met the man hosting the event, Gachiengo Mwangi, 25, taking home the black goat from the market. He said the animal was skinned alive. "The goat was bleating out of pain for about half an hour but the more it did, the louder they sang," he told The Standard. Among the group were three women soloists, said the witness. When police burst into the house after a tip-off, they found boiling concoctions that included cooked and raw meat mixed with blood and herbs. The presence of a man’s private parts compounded the mystery surrounding the sect’s rituals, with police and the witness saying it appeared like it was part of what was being eaten. Next to the sufuria (aluminium pot), was a sack of raw goatskin cut into pieces. There was also a plastic container which had uncooked intestines, animal’s private parts and more boiled herbs. Just two weeks ago in Maragua, police stumbled upon Mungiki suspects in an oathing ceremony where they also found a man’s private parts. Last month, Mungiki adherents killed two assistant chiefs one in President Kibaki’s Othaya constituency, and another one in Internal Security minister, Mr John Michuki’s Kangema constituency. - The Standard.

5 July 2007 at 02:38  

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