Saturday, October 20, 2007

The rise of ‘European consciousness’

The words of Valery Giscard d’Estaing, the architect of the ‘Lisbon Treaty’, formerly known as the ‘Reform Treaty’, and once upon a time known as the ‘Constitution for Europe’:

This Treaty will not be the end of the work… we must recognise and assert European identity. In taking an unequivocal position on the creation of the Political Union and by rigorously defining the identity and the values of Europe each European must now understand that he belongs to three levels of identity: the local level, the national level and the European level. These three levels are complementary and do not infringe each other.

A fundamental element of the future of Europe will be the emergence of a European conscience in each of the citizens, We must have a feeling of belonging to Europe and pride in being European. Which means, as Jean Monnet sensed, that belonging to the European culture is an indispensable cement for the emergence of a real European identity.

There is absolutely no point protesting about the Lisbon Treaty, no mileage to be found in demanding a referendum, to solace to be sensed from the contrary murmurings of the Conservative Party. The deal is done, a country called Europe is born, its Emperor will emerge, and the whole outcome is teleologically foreordained.

While politicians, journalists, bloggers and commentators all focus on the political process, the European Union is a metaphysical construct with a spiritual dimension and intends to ‘assert’ its identity by the imposition through education and the communication of a ‘European identity’. The last piece of the jigsaw, the ‘Lisbon Treaty’, has now been put into place, and will be formally signed by the EU’s 27 heads of state in December. And by so doing they will establish a country called Europe, and abdicate their own premierships.

Perhaps there will be opportunity in the impending three months of parliamentary wrangling to sink this treacherous document, but an outbreak of porcine aviation is just about as likely. Let’s face it, even if there were a referendum - as there has been in Ireland, Denmark, France, the Netherlands – a ‘wrong’ result would be completely ignored. Yet Prime Minister Brown insists that ‘Britain's national interest has been protected’, the ‘red lines have been secured’, so it is therefore ‘time for Europe to move on and devote all our attentions to the issues that matter to the people of Europe - economic growth, jobs, climate change and security’.

And still foreign Secretary David Miliband insisted that the rejected constitution ‘is dead’. And that ‘last night marked the end of the constitution… There was finally the legal text agreed in all languages which showed very, very clearly that by no measure - by no measure of legal structure, by no measure of legal content and by no measure of political consequence - could this be called a constitution’.

This is, of course, quite contrary to what Parliament’s EU Scrutiny Committee has concluded, what Giscard D’Estaing himself has stated, and what many EU heads of state have admitted – that this ‘Treaty’ is the ‘abandoned’ Constitution by another name. And now Europe shall have its Emperor; the Union shall have its Strong Man to lift us out of the morass in which we are sinking, and guess whose name is in the frame…


Blogger C4' said...

See, I told everyone that Adolf Blair was the Antichrist 12 years ago.

20 October 2007 at 13:38  
Anonymous Neo said...

Don't be so childishly melodramatic. The problem here is not WHO assumes the Presidential role, but rather the role itself.

Cranmer, may I ask what you foresee for the impending Commons debate over the Lisbon Treaty?

20 October 2007 at 16:52  
Anonymous Ultraviolents said...

It has been reported that Tony Blair, the Prime Minister of Britain, and his wife engaged in a new age ritual in Mexico: “At a rebirthing ceremony in Mexico, Mr. and Mrs. Blair entered a brick-built pyramid in their swimming costumes, prayed to the four winds, smeared their bodies with mud, papaya and watermelon and were encouraged to cry out loud.”

Blair is a devil worshipper. Oh and didn't he idolise Mick Jagger? Once again, rock music must take its share of the blame.

20 October 2007 at 16:54  
Anonymous Neo said...

It is possible for one to experience New Age ritual ceremony with nothing more than the intent to broaden one's horizons.

This isn't a seismic shift in belief to another religion; there is no holy text, no dogma, no religious leaders...

...and, perhaps most importantly, no "devil worship".

20 October 2007 at 17:08  
Blogger the doctor said...

I am amazed that no one has noticed the formation of a 1.5 million strong
(eventually) E.U. SS . It is called the EU Gendarmerie Force , Commander is Col. Giovanni Truglio . The web site is see for yourselves .

20 October 2007 at 20:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daniel 7 is being fulfilled.

Praise the Lord that His prophesy is true.

20 October 2007 at 21:21  
Anonymous Ultraviolents said...

20 October 2007 at 22:51  

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