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‘Religious cleansing’ in the UK police

It is reported that The Metropolitan Black Police Association (MBPA) have withdrawn their cooperation with the Metropolitan Police Service after accusing it of ‘ethnic and religious cleansing’ following the suspension of Commander Ali Dizaei for a second time. This comes after the force's assistant commissioner, Tarique Ghaffur, was suspended last week after launching a racial discrimination claim. The perception is one of ‘relentless attacks on minority staff’, compounding the ‘institutionally racist’ accusation of the McPherson enquiry.

MBPA chairman Alfred John said he was ‘appalled’ at the action taken against Mr Dizaei, who is simply the ‘victim of what we believe to be the culmination of a sustained witch-hunt’.

Cranmer is a little intrigued that Mr Dizaei had not received a single complaint about his character or any questions about his policing abilities during his four years of service and yet, within the last three weeks, three complaints have surfaced. This is indeed a curious coincidence, and Mr John may have a point when he refers to ‘the significance of the timing of these allegations’.

But the ‘timing’ he objects to is not that of the suspension. Mr John is persuaded that ‘this insult has come during the holy month of Ramadan to cause maximum distress to his family, his profession and his role as the President of the National Black Police Association’.

Are Muslim police officers to be exempt from the usual disciplinary procedures during Ramadan? Will the Christians be permitted the same latitude during Holy Week or Christmas? And Jews during Yom Kippur, or Sikhs and Hindus during Diwali? (Cranmer is unsure of the Jedi holy day/week/month, but feels sure they should have rights to exemption also).

If this is the future of policing in the UK, then a degree of ‘religious cleansing’ may be wholly justified. We are just a breath away from religious adherents who work in crucial public services demanding ‘special treatment’ (as opposed to employer discretion) during religious festivals. What happens when all Muslim doctors, nurses, firemen or teachers demand Eid off? Will Sikh and Hindu schools be permitted to close during Diwali?

The MBPA has declared that it ‘no longer had any confidence in the leadership of the police force or the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA), which oversees it’. They have disengaged from all meetings with the MPA and MPS ‘except those that will involve discussions around the reinstatement of Mr Dizaei’.

They would have been on much stronger ground if they had limited their complaints to those surrounding the credibility of Commissioner Sir Ian Blair after being ‘drawn into an ugly investigation’ about contracts for friends. Or that of Deputy Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick being promoted during the investigation into the mistaken killing of Jean Charles de Menezes in 2005: an operation she led.

All of which is a very strong argument for making police commissioners accountable to those they are supposed to serve. Increasing centralisation of top-down policing is neither reducing crime nor inspiring confidence. If police forces were made accountable for their performance to the communities they serve, then the MBPA could simply propose Ali Dizaei or Tarique Ghaffur to be the next commissioner. And then one could test very easily how much credibility such characters have with the local population.


Blogger The Lakelander said...

Your Grace,

Another interesting twist to this story can be found in this story in the Daily Mail

It appears that Tarique Ghaffur's lawyer has made the dreadful mistake of getting chummy with Keith Vaz...which is never a good idea.

20 September 2008 at 11:01  
Anonymous he said the black word said...

Has His Grace swallowed politically correct inducing medication by accident? I too have read the article in the Mail, but have long since before had an opinion of the whole lot of these race card players. It's PC madness which propagates this disease in our society, and His Grace seems eager to fly the PC flag Himself. RACE CARD PLAYERS MUST LEARN TO GET WITH THE PROGRAM ME LIKE THE REST OF US!

20 September 2008 at 15:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does a Black Police Association exist? By its very name, it is blatantly and unambiguously racist. Legal action should be taken to have it disbanded forthwith.
As for the cases involving Ghaffurt and Desai, they have shown by their extraordinary attitude that they are unsuited to high office in the Police Force (I do not call it 'Police Service'). One might speculate that their rapid advancement owes more to a deliberate favouring of members of so-called 'minorities' by selection boards.

20 September 2008 at 18:59  
Blogger KJC402 said...


"Cranmer is a little intrigued that Mr Dizaei had not received a single complaint about his character or any questions about his policing abilities during his four years of service"

and he is a Commander? It must be a political appointment or he was promoted to fill a quota. in most departments you cannot take a promotional exam until you have at-least 2-4 years in your current grade.

The complaints may be valid as people who move that fast up a ladder tend to get a big head.

20 September 2008 at 19:25  
Anonymous Yokel said...

Dizaei and Gaffur are not the only complaints on the way through the system. There's a female officer said to be about to (or has just) launch a complaint. The common thread is not that they are all "black", it is that they are all Muslims. They are all represented by Dean & Dean Solicitors who turn out to have been founded by ... (gaps to practice reading between the lines). So this is a putsch being organised by those who wish to march to an altogether different law from the the law that they swore to uphold when they joined the job. That would be covered by taqiyya, wouldn't it?

There are two bodies who are keeping their heads down at the moment, but I would have expected them to be supporting the cause. They are the Met's Association of Muslim Police and the National Association of Muslim Police.

This is very smelly, and only a few of the stones have been turned over so far.

20 September 2008 at 21:36  
Anonymous Old Whitey said...

How horrible it all is.

I'm so glad that I haven't long to live, and that I have no children who must suffer in what these obnoxious foreigners are making of our beautiful, wonderful, country.

And no. They'll never get me into one of their filthy hospitals or murder homes.

20 September 2008 at 23:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems to me that we british as a nation have bent over backwards to make sure that minority groups are not persecuted.
These minority groups have used this fairmindedness as a means of cynically manipulating the system.

21 September 2008 at 04:43  
Blogger ENGLISHMAN said...

Have they no crime in iran?surely some could be found to keep this character in employment ,the muttawa perhaps.Why should we be graced with third world "policing"that makes a mockery of the system that we built,if the blacks,muslims and all the rest of these chancers do not like the way we conduct our business,they know where heathrow is ,and we should all be very glad to see the back of them,thier families,thier grandparents,thier uncles,neices,thier inlaws and thier primitive "culture"

21 September 2008 at 11:26  
Blogger The Blue Ninja said...

Linkback to this piece, your grace.

From the Ninja.

22 September 2008 at 22:03  
Blogger Paul said...

Every second, minute, hour, day... year is a holy day to me. I demand to not be disciplined in any way, shape or form during this important, spiritual time.

23 September 2008 at 10:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a little difficult for the indigenous British subject to understand the supremacist mindset of their "Asian" brothers and sisters. The Mohammedans do their best to accommodate you as they wait for time and numbers to relieve themselves of the sham of equality and tolerance they espouse at the moment. They are noble and proud but sometimes they miscalculate the moment and appear less than accepting of foreign, corrupt and debauched societies as the current pre-Islamic Great Britain. Forgive them and you might be among those allowed to live among them and under their protection.

28 September 2008 at 05:11  

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