Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lord Ahmed threatens Parliament into submission

Lord Ahmed is a repugnant individual. Not only in appearance, but in association, character and morality. And to hear that he has threatened jihad on the House of Lords if their lordships should fail to meet his demands only serves to intensify Cranmer’s loathing of the man.

It appears that a member of the House of Lords had invited the Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, to a private meeting in the Palace of Westminster. She had intended to invite her colleagues in the Lords to a private viewing of his ‘documentary’ Fitna, followed by discussion and debate in true parliamentary fashion. This is, after all, a liberal democracy, and their lordships enjoy the rights of freedom of expression and freedom of association, not to mention certain parliamentary privileges for the protection of their function in the legislature.

But no sooner had the unsuspecting baroness sent out her invitations, Lord Ahmed raised hell. It is reported that he ‘threatened to mobilise 10,000 Muslims to prevent Mr Wilders from entering the House and threatened to take the colleague who was organising the event to court’.

And so Fitna has been cancelled: it shall not now be screened in the House of Lords on 29th January.

The Pakistani Press is jubliant, and Lord Ahmed is praising Allah for delivering ‘a victory for the Muslim community’.

It is a sorry state of affairs indeed that a parliament whose liberties have been forged through centuries of religious intolerance should succumb to the threats of one intolerant Muslim. Lord Ahmed is manifesting a notion of Divine Right, and one suspects it is precisely the sort of defence of Islam that Prince Charles shall make when he is sworn ‘Defender of Faith’. The blasphemy laws are being re-forged to protect one god, one faith and one prophet; they no longer defend YHWH, Christianity, Jesus Christ or the Church of England. Lord Ahmed is not functioning as a Labour peer; he is the self-appointed khalifa of all things Islamic. He is not concerned to protect freedom of expression or freedom of speech, but to stifle debate and ensure that Parliament submits to the Dar Al-Islam.

It is for moments such as these that one might hope the Lords Spiritual might enter the fray and defend the right of the noble baroness to extend an invitation to a democratically-elected Dutch MP. Their silence is deafening. They no longer believe anything strongly for fear of causing offence; they no longer defend anything for fear of being abolished.

If Lord Ahmed had threatened Cranmer with ’10,000 Muslims to prevent Mr Wilders from entering the House’, His Grace would have assured his Lordship of 100,000 people of all faiths and none to prevent the Muslims from preventing Mr Wilders from entering the House.

There are occasions when turning the other cheek is sheer folly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As usual, I read such matters thanks to your Grace and have heard nothing on the subject from the BBC whose much vaunted "independence" seems to lie in posturing over a financial appeal rather than covering news stories that, however discomforting, are culturally significant.

27 January 2009 at 08:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's out fast. I thought he was in clink for a couple of years on that dangerous driving charge. Perhaps he pops into the Lords on a day-release as part of the Govt's inclusiveness agenda?

27 January 2009 at 09:25  
Anonymous Voyager said...

Lord Ahmed is another bagman supposed to deliver the bloc vote to Labour. He is true to form serving interests alien to and antithetical to this country and its heritage.

The English are a stupid people careless with their own liberty. The aristocrats of old were far more cautious than the democrats of today who happily savour the mess of potage and prepare themselves for chains.

Fascism is on the march, it has different costumes and different lyrics and Labour is institutionalising Fascism at a rapid pace through database and surveillance, AgitProp and Thought Control all backed by threat of street violence from its thugs

27 January 2009 at 09:32  
Anonymous unseen said...

could this be the same Lord Ahmed who hosted a book launch in the House of Lords for a neo-Nazi holocaust denier in 2005?

See http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/columnists/guest_contributors/article378140.ece

27 January 2009 at 09:43  
Blogger Hugh Oxford said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

27 January 2009 at 09:57  
Anonymous Democide said...

What is happening in this country?

I have looked long and hard at the situation, and to my mind, it is without doubt that since Labour came to power something has gone more than awry.

What I can't quite decide is if it is some sort of collective insanity, a well meaning but foolish ideology or something more sinister.

Actually, i'll go with sinister.

Voyager @ 9.32 is right Fascism does indeed look like it is alive and well.

27 January 2009 at 10:02  
Anonymous Shaven-headed tattooed knuckledragger said...

Lord Ahmed previously achieved fame as a fatwa-facilitator for the Iranian theocracy:

27 January 2009 at 10:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cranmer is right to expose Labour Lord Ahmed as a threat to democracy. The media need to recognise this threat as well as the current threat of Labour 'votes for cash' in the Lords.

It it a pity that Cranmer does not yet have his rightful place with a seat in Lords, where he would act forthrightly and righteously on such matters.

27 January 2009 at 10:14  
Blogger McKenzie said...

Hello Cranmer,

I can't keep away for the life of me, I have tried. What is it with all these anonymous commentators, have they no stomach for a fight?

My point today is that you seem to (correct me if I am wrong, no direct insult intended) want your cake and eat it. Wilders suffers from the same affliction as Nick Griffin, they are both deemed to be racist. Even though I admire both of these brave people, I cannot see how you can differentiate one from the other. If what they both stand for is racist, then they should be both treated with equal disdain in the eyes of those who wish to preach against racism. What would be your reaction to Nick Griffin having a platform in The House of Lords? Personally I would find this extremely exciting.

I speak as one who has had a belly full of Islam. Islam is my only contention when it comes to immigration because I see it as a threat to the existence of everything I love about my country. I know there are many who would disagree, but I could not care less how many Eastern Europeans come here, nor Buddhists, Jedi, Hindu etc, because they are peace loving people who do not have a secret desire to remove my head from the rest of my being.

So why the double speak and mixed messages? Do we hate racism, or do we just hate British people who harbor a nationalist sentiment? It seems to me that even foreign racists are to be held in higher esteem than British ones. Where does this self hatred come from? I cannot for the life of me work it out.

27 January 2009 at 10:50  
Anonymous ever and anon said...

I can't help wondering why the Lady Baroness felt constrained to bow to the bully. If the Lords do indeed enjoy freedom of thought, expression, and debate, then are they not entitled to armed forces to defend their lives and property, if necessary?...And I'm thinking: not so much for themselves; rather so as to make a stand for the rights of the rest of us. In light of that failure, maybe a few million of US ought to go and stand outside the pseudo lord whozit's dwelling...

After all, if the Lords can no longer assert those rights, then who can? - Except the foreigners who aren't even pretending about their contempt for "The Mother of the Free." Talk about abuse of hospitality! Talk about ingratitude!

Our own silence really is too pathetic: though maybe, just maybe, it might begin to scare them, one day. Actually, I'd love to see the BNP win in a surprise landslide. However, I have no faith that the voting system will be fair or honest: not with neulabour and the euSSR in the driver's seat.

If everybody's withholding action in order to display faith in democracy and Law (which is arguably no law, considering it's not now chosen by us) - the least we can do is set about getting some monitoring in place!

27 January 2009 at 10:58  
Blogger Cranmer said...

Mr McKenzie,

What is the point of having cake if one does not eat it?

27 January 2009 at 11:11  
Blogger ENGLISHMAN said...

From the frankfurt school of cultural marxism,this is where white self-loathing comes from,the communists in the cabinet,and thier lickspittles in parliament,because white people are the only race that can prevent bilderburg/illuminati from imposing thier fascist one world order upon mankind,hence they must be denegrated,reviled to destroy thier credibility and all traces of alliegance to a nation must be surpressed,so that you can have no right to anything that your masters have not given you,and they use mass immigration as a weapon to divorce you from your natural homogenity and fellowship with your countrymen,so that you become just one easily manipulated unit afraid to step out of line,and you do thier work for them every time that you vote for the totally corrupt lib/lab/con trick,if you wish to survive in your own country ,you will have to hold your nose and vote BNP ,there is no alternative.

27 January 2009 at 11:18  
Blogger Rebel Saint said...

It is a shame that you do not include a link to the actual film your grace.

I would advise all your readers to download a copy so that it can be quickly re-uploaded every time it is taken down. It must be distributed widely.

I also feel that the BNP is now the only party that offers an alternative. They have my vote.

27 January 2009 at 11:40  
Blogger Dave said...

Dhimmitude here we come.

Followed closely by a rapid descent into hell.

Mogadishu here we come

27 January 2009 at 11:48  
Blogger Cranmer said...

Mssrs Hugh Oxford & Rebel Saint,

Believe His Grace, the BNP are not the solution to this problem, any more than UKIP will liberate the UK from the EU. Protesting on the fringes only makes malcontents, and contributes to the illusion of a solution. It is only through membership of and active participation in mainstream politics that these issues can ever be tackled. We are not a revolutionary people.

Has not Boris restored the Christmas tree to County Hall?

27 January 2009 at 11:54  
Anonymous anon is wisdom said...

Oh, Englishman - I like that sentence! Did you do it all in one breath?

And, of course, I think you're spot on. Another one of the d****s - Freire - included the inculcation of self-loathing as part of 'cultural invasion.' I do agree with your perception of the method as applied to us.

As for unnecessary guilt - and the post colonialists have been busy twisting a lot of evidence - : from what I saw of Pax Britannica, we weren't nearly as nasty to anybody as this lot are to everybody (and they always were nasty to each other)!

Another possiblity is that some people think they can carry on through all the 'crises' with what they've put by. I was even wondering how many have put their savings in gold or platinum and buried them somewhere (because we are looking more and more like inter-wars Germany, aren't we?)! Doesn't look as if we'll have long to wait before the aliens start attacking us in our homes, though. Unless we get to work with the BNP...

27 January 2009 at 11:57  
Anonymous non mouse said...

Oh, Your Grace: I hope you're right! Someone, I think over on Coffee House, suggested that maybe Cameron is too clever to show his hand just now.

By the by - does our constitution allow for a vote of no confidence in the government? And, if so, what would follow?

27 January 2009 at 12:04  
Blogger The last cause said...

As per usual, a person in power has the right idea, privately show Fitna in an attempt to spark the discussions that are so key in a Liberal Democracy. And as per usual, someone claims "intolerance" and the person in power flees the field of intellectual battle.

Ahmed is simply playing the game by the Established rules, until someone in power has a "Have you no shame" moment this will continue.

27 January 2009 at 12:10  
Anonymous Stephen Gash said...

Islam has done more to sour English opinion towards immigrants and immigration than anything else.

Our politicians and criminal justice system are doing nothing to protect free speech, rather they are resolved in removing it.

The has has at last arrived for us to look after ourselves.

27 January 2009 at 12:29  
Blogger Bryan said...

Being anti-Islamic is no more racist than being anti-Nazi. Being anti-Islamic and/or anti-Nazi is the same as being pro-liberty and pro-life.

Islam is itself a racist belief, intent on world domination through any and all means, it is not a race and needs not be protected as a race. As a religion, it should only be protected as long as it does not preach the violent overthrow of the Nation.

27 January 2009 at 12:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Sentencing of Lord Ahmed put back

THE CASE of Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, who was due to be sentenced at Sheffield Court for dangerous driving, has been put back until next month.

The Labour peer has admitted sending text messages minutes before a fatal smash on the M1 last Christmas Day which killed Slovakian Martyn Gombar. He will be sentenced on February 25."

From today's Star (Sheffield local paper).

Sentencing has now been delayed twice. First from December to January. Now to February. Seems suspicious to me.

27 January 2009 at 13:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This country is so stuffed!
Everything anyone has ever fought for and given his life for to defend this country has been wasted!
All given away to the intimidation of the bully boys of Islam.
What price freedom, what price democracy.

27 January 2009 at 13:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a moderate white(can I say that without being called a racist?)heterosexual( Am I being homophobic?) able bodied (can I say that?) British( Am I being Nationialistic) male.
I am so utterly disgusted at the way I have been treated by this government that I am seriously thinking of joining the B N P as there seems to be no alternative!

27 January 2009 at 13:31  
Blogger McKenzie said...

Yes indeed Cranmer, but you want to eat it all for your self. I am with Nick Griffin, I am white and working class, the hatred I feel from all the other main stream parties towards my class of people forces me in this direction.

Your dismissive attitude of arrogance and contempt is what makes malcontents. There was a description on a blog somewhere which describes certain BNP activists as 'rabid', this description is spot on with regards to my self: I am on a mission that only death will put an end to. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and I am on the march, one foot in front of the other, one rabid step at a time.

27 January 2009 at 13:34  
Anonymous Sir Henry Morgan said...

Your Grace

Regarding your comment about having to play in the political mainstream to make changes, and that the BNP can make no changes because that's just playing fringe politics.

Has it not occurred to you that once upon a time the current mainstream parties were ... fringe parties.

It's a bit like religion - once upon a time Christianity was a fringe group with a dozen or so members - a cult, by today's way of thinking. It grew.

Mohammedism is exactly the same.

Given the way support for it is growing, the BNP will before too many years have passed, be part of mainstream politics.

All political parties, like all religions, start off as fringe groups and cults. But then some of them grow and become mainstream political parties, or are granted the status of Religion.

27 January 2009 at 13:46  
Anonymous steadmancinques said...

If Parliament cannot defend its own liberties, what chance is there that it can defend ours? And what evidence is there that it even wants to?

27 January 2009 at 13:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will the said Muslim Lord use the threat of force to change laws to favour Islam. I assume he means to scare us with the threat of bombs. Did not the IRA get their way by such tactics ?

27 January 2009 at 14:11  
Blogger an ex-apprentice said...

Your Grace,

My first reaction to your post was to lay blame at the feet of the peer craven enough to withdraw in the face of Ahmed's threats.

If a member of our legislature does not understand the significance of the challenge, magnified by the nature of the place in which it is made, then they demonstrate only too clearly their own lack of fitness for the role.

But, on further reading, it gets worse. The arrangements were only cancelled following a meeting between Ahmed, the Government Chief Whip and The Leader of The House, Baroness Royall of Blaisdon.

This is therefore not just a withdrawal by a single peer, but an official act of pusillanimous appeasement arranged, delivered and approved of by senior members of the House and the Labour Government.

I note Your Grace's uplifting assertion of "100,000 people of all faiths and none". I have no doubt that Ahmed could assemble his 10,000 strong muslim rentamob, of the sort we saw recently outside the Israeli Embassy, without raising a sweat.

I am much less certain that Your Grace's efforts would not be met with ignorance and apathy.

I recall watching an edition of Question Time at the time of the cartoon furore and being both astonished and dismayed at the proportion of the audience who agreed with the proposition "Freedom of speech should not include the right to offend".

27 January 2009 at 14:18  
Blogger ba ba said...

An interesting thing is that the BNP have run with this story in language similar to Your Grace's.


As a poster above noted, it wont be long before the BNP is undeniably mainstream.

27 January 2009 at 14:32  
Blogger Cranmer said...

Mr Ba Ba,

Had His Grace posted in Hebrew or Aramaic, the BNP would have been free to do likewise.

Satan can undoubtedly speak English.

27 January 2009 at 14:55  
Blogger Homophobic Horse said...

Another day, another horror.

27 January 2009 at 15:19  
Blogger Timothy Belmont said...

The house of Lords is now a mere skeleton of its former noble self, now that the Labour Party has ruined it.

When the socialists removed any vestiges of respectability by getting rid of our hereditary peerage, they installed lower class life peers, many of whom have absolutely no notion of honour, integrity nor the traditions of the United Kingdom.

The House of Lords, as we have known it, has been ruined. The hereditary peerage was the backbone thereof.

The Government might as well repeal the Law so that we can, at least, expel the Corrupt and annul their titles.

27 January 2009 at 15:33  
Anonymous Fitna Video said...

Here is a link to the Film, please.

Make your own mind up

27 January 2009 at 15:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why has his sentencing been delayed ?could it be he has threatened labour and they are running around(again)like headless chickens trying to keep him out of jail but can't so they have to keep postponing it
it's disgraceful.at the next election i will vote bnp just because they hate it so.

27 January 2009 at 16:06  
Blogger McKenzie said...

Speaking of Satan, who undoubtedly speaks the Queens English, it reminds me of a strange discussion I had recently. I somehow allowed my self to participate in a discussion with a sad and deluded person who said he had become so fed up with the state of the world that he had decided to worship Satan and accelerate the destruction of the world. This I found confusing. He said that he was going to attempt to get Satan to grant him powers to influence people to listen to him so he could manipulate them into following him. No matter how hard I tried to explain that someone has already beaten him to his plan, which is in full swing as we speak, he would not understand my reasoning. I tried my best to make him understand that Satan works very furtively, making people think black is white, and vice versa. Satan, I explained, is responsible for all the worlds misery, and any one who you hear objecting to the present status quo is probably trying their best to 'get Him behind them'.

But it was no use. So the world heads off down the slimy path of destruction, and Satan grins with glee, as the voice of those who call out for sanity is rebuked by those who are confounded, those who are wise but speak foolishness.

27 January 2009 at 16:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who on earth is responsible for appointing such a heinous individual to the House of Lords. The man is not representative of the traditions of this country - and he shows it.
It is totally wrong that an issue should not be examined by the House of Lords because some thug says it shouldn't. Surely those appointed to the House of Lords should have respect for the traditions of free speech, and if they don't they should be expelled. Indeed why do we allow such foreigners to stay in our country if they don't respect our freedoms.

27 January 2009 at 17:24  
Blogger an ex-apprentice said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

27 January 2009 at 17:32  
Blogger an ex-apprentice said...

Dear Mr McKenzie,

"MACHINATION, noun. The method employed by one's opponents in attempting to confound one's open and honorable efforts to do the right thing."

So plain the advantages of machination
It constitutes a moral obligation,
And honest wolves who think upon't with loathing
Feel bound to don the sheep's deceptive clothing.
So prospers still the diplomatic art,
And Satan bows, with hand upon his heart.

Ambrose Bierce 1914

27 January 2009 at 17:36  
Anonymous Voyager said...

An elected MP from an EU member state is threatened by an unelected political appointee in the legislature of another EU member state....when attending a private meeting.

Embarrassing for Gordon Brown if he cannot ensure security for a fellow EU MP....but maybe Lord A thinks it is LSE

27 January 2009 at 17:47  
Blogger Fred Preuss said...

Just another reason why an unelected house in a democratic legislature is a bad idea. Some idiot(s) thought, "Hey, this guy, he's muslim, we need a muslim in the legislature to speak for 'the muslim community'. Let's pick him."
Anybody who bullies, who threatens other members of a legislature with intimidation should be expelled from it.

27 January 2009 at 19:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By giving way to threats and intimidation the House of Lords has opened up a pandoras box.
Anyone now can change the House if they can produce a big enough threat of violence!
( This somewhat blows the `Islam is a peaceful religion theory!)

27 January 2009 at 19:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this GW case a put-up job by the establishment? I am thinking of something like this:
1) Get an insider to pose as an outsider and say or do something guaranteed to inflame the 'slims.
2) Wait for the inevitable (over)reaction by the 'slims.
3) Arrange a show trial, not with the intention to prosecute but a 'near-miss'.
4) Publicise the analysis that GW got away with this, ON THIS OCCASION, but the laws are now going to be re-tightened, etc. etc. blah blah.
5) Arrange a public enquiry into the ethnic composition of the judge/jury (which acquitted GW) and then hint that next time it will be different.

You get the picture. I am not so sure that GW is as much of an outsider as he apears. Isn't he a Bilderbastard?

27 January 2009 at 19:46  
Anonymous Alf Tupper said...

I keep reading of events such as this, on this site, which are truly of enormous importance to everyone in the country.

Strangely, none of this information receives the attention of the wider mainstream media commentators; thus, the general public are not hearing of the terrible noose which tightens around their liberty - their very existence.

On a weekly basis we are meandering blissfuly towards a dreadful era of suffering.

Why is God bringing this upon us?

27 January 2009 at 19:54  
Blogger RonB said...

I don’t understand this passion for the BNP. They are another socialist/statist party. The same sort of people who got us into the mess we are in.
We need freedom to speak and agitate for our beliefs. The government in London and Brussels don’t want freedom or free trade because it will dissolve their power. For example the government needs cheap labour for the NHS, so it depresses the wages for nurses by having collective bargaining, national pay rates, and a large pool of nurses to choose from. This is what states do to control their populations.
We need to agitate for freedom, someone needs to offer Wilders a platform elsewhere in London and proclaim the time, date, and venue for all see and hear. St Pauls would be ideal in my opinion, anyone disagree?

27 January 2009 at 20:02  
Blogger McKenzie said...


I know someone else who has been abducted by the same aliens as you obviously have: do not worry, the effects will soon pass, but please use a thicker rope and do it somewhere more secluded.

An ex-apprentice

What beautiful words.

27 January 2009 at 21:51  
Blogger A S Grey said...

"The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye. The more light you shine on it, the more it will contract" seems rather apt here when considering "Lord" Ahmed. A man so entrenched in his own world view and religion and so unwilling to accept rational discussion has, in my opinion, no place in the leadership of our country.

The fact that he is allowed a place, therefore, is somewhat disturbing. Had a Christian acted in such a way I strongly doubt that it would not have caused outrage in comparison.

27 January 2009 at 21:52  
Blogger ZZMike said...

Voyager: "The English are a stupid people careless with their own liberty."

I would have put it more delicately, but you've said it plain and true.

Evidently, these days, there are few things an Englishman is less concerned about than his liberty.

"Liberty, if it means anything, is the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear." (from a search page - the quote doesn't appear on the linked site)

Another question is, "how did this oaf get to be a peer of the realm?" One would have thought there would be at least some criteria for Lordship, even a slight one such as your father being a Lord.

27 January 2009 at 22:01  
OpenID BL@KBIRD said...

Quite disheartening for freedom. Can one loud mouthed Lord deny all others right to information? What worms make up the House? Is this as bad up close as it looks from a distance? On so many British blogs you would hardly guess there was a Mohammedan living on the Island for their lack of mention.

I really can't express my amazement at what appears to be the suicide of all the Caucasian homelands on this planet.

And now Sarkozy wants a total intermingling of blood in France. Does this include all Frenchmen becoming honorary Mohammedans? Worked for Spain in 710 didn't it?

A point about joining the BNP. If it were to swell it's ranks a hundred fold, would the party not have to reflect it's new majority views rather than it's new members adhere to the original narrower views?

27 January 2009 at 22:17  
Anonymous Shaven-headed tattooed knuckledragger said...

Why is there a complete blackout on this story in the British MSM, though foreign media are picking it up? Has a D-notice gone out?

This bully's thuggish intimidation of free-speech is a massive blow to British democracy, with the House of Lords cringing before a mob of primitive, tribal, pedophile-worshipping savages. Yet there's not a whisper of it even in the Tory press, which you'd normally think would be willing to have a go at a Labour politician.

Could it be that the whole subject of Islamic Communal Violence in Britain is taboo? Presumably opposition leaders are just as reluctant to draw attention to this menace as the government, for to do so would expose the full extent of the national catastrophe that the Islamic invasion is causing.

Dhimmi Cameron would have to renounce his commitment to 'Asian values', multiculturalism and Turkish EU membership, thus losing the precious Muslim vote while confirming what the BNP been saying for years ("A wicked, vicious faith").

The LibLabCon establishment are complicit in this cover-up of the extent of Muslim subversion, intimidation, terrorism and treason. They are all traitors, just as much if not more so than the Muslims, who at least make no secret of their primary loyalty to the Umma and disdain for British culture and values.

27 January 2009 at 23:01  
Anonymous Alex said...

non mouse said...

Oh, Your Grace: I hope you're right! Someone, I think over on Coffee House, suggested that maybe Cameron is too clever to show his hand just now.


That's what we used to think here in Canada about Harper. We were wrong. Mainstream politicians and parties are all the same, as they've demonstrated time and time again for the last few decades. Cameron is already pandering to muslims to get elected, and once he's elected he'll keep pandering to keep their votes.

Different head of the same hydra.

27 January 2009 at 23:48  
Anonymous tiger mouse said...

Alf Tupper: "Why is God bringing this upon us?"

Didn't Wulfstan have a couple of explanations when God brought the Vikings upon us? I think it had to do with stuff like backsliding, decadence, and good people's not having the backbone to stand up for... well, God.

In addition, the instruments of those trends - the eu-caliphate driven media - are encouraging some very decent and nice ostriches to keep their heads firmly buried under piles of rotting red herrings. Those of us who make time to exercise enquiring minds only find out what's really going on from Cranmer and one or two other reliable sources; [and we wouldn't do that if the powers and dominions could find a way to shut us down - they don't want the streets flowing with blood just because the Brits think they should have rights, now do they?]!

But others, surrounged by people like themselves, still think the BBC, the local paper, the church, and the Conservative Party, are ... not quite what they were, but all right.

I recently mentioned something from this site to a friend. "Oh well," she said, "If all you're worried about is putting the world to rights..."

I think she's had a protected life, and still doesn't get out much. It also can't be easy to realize that - as she is - you're not only losing the beloved family members who fought for what's good among us, you're actually dumping you're own children in the middle of the filthy place wrought by the invaders. And no, I didn't tell her any of that. If she ever has time, she can visit Cranmer for herself - not just in the prayer-book!

27 January 2009 at 23:57  
Anonymous tiger mouse said...

Sorry - 'surrounded'....

28 January 2009 at 00:02  
Anonymous Shaven-headed tattooed knuckledragger said...

Alf Tupper -

The 'dreadful era of suffering' could be upon us very soon, even before the Muslims are fully ready to take over, if they go into intifada-mode.

Those of us who haven't got our heads in the sand know that Islamageddon - the final World War between Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb, is inevitable.

The trigger could be a nuclear war between Israel and Iran, or between India and Pakistan; or it could be a military government coming to power in a European county and vigorously purging its undesirables.

Whatever sets it off, the war will go viral and rapidly spread worldwide, as we have seen with the savage rioting in London.

When the balloon goes up, every country in the world with a substantial Muslim population will suffer a wave of bloodshed and sabotage attacks with Indian-style 'communal' massacres, train, bus and plane bombings, poisoning of food and water, destruction of gas and electricity supplies, dirty bombs, biojihad etc etc.

There is only one way to protect ourselves and our children from Islamageddon, and that is to request the Muslims to leave Dar al-Harb (the 'Domain of War' - that says it all doesn't it?) while we are still capable of enforcing our wishes.

28 January 2009 at 01:19  
Anonymous USpace said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

28 January 2009 at 03:30  
Blogger Dr.D said...

"They no longer believe anything strongly for fear of causing offence; they no longer defend anything for fear of being abolished." - Cranmer's comment regarding the Lord's spiritual.

This certainly appears to be true, and it means that they are totally worthless. They should be removed, along with this jerk, "Lord" Ahmed.

There should be some responsibilites that come with the job, including standing up for what is right for the nation. No one seems to be doing that here.

28 January 2009 at 03:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This life peer oaf should be shown the door.

Is there not one real Lord in that whole bloody feeble House?

What the hell is the matter with you Poms?

I get the impression you couldn't fight your way out of a wet paper bag these days.


28 January 2009 at 10:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You my friend are only too right, we have become a nation of wet , spineless, windbags!
disgruntled pom.

28 January 2009 at 13:28  
Blogger Alan Douglas said...

"They no longer believe anything strongly for fear of causing offence"

And THAT is what causes the greatest offence, and I suspect that would be true of Muslims as well, that they are most offended by this wishy-washyness. No wonder they are trying to enforce a muscular religion on us, we sure as hell haven't got one !

Alan Douglas

wv : amsaft. You bet we are.

28 January 2009 at 15:27  
Anonymous USpace said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

28 January 2009 at 17:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The House of Lords has become the House of Shame!.
If they have nothing worth standing for why are they there at all!

28 January 2009 at 17:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"There will always be an England" is about to become a not so funny joke. The prince can enable these people but his will be one of the first heads to go. He is not above it all. Most of England's economy is no supplied by the state, the nanny in charge has children's tattling on their parents about everything from how leftovers are used to how they toss out the trash. But the majority of the population does not seem to have a problem with this. So sorry to see a great country be ruined from within and without.

28 January 2009 at 18:42  
Blogger Revnant Dream said...

England has had a sex change. They have now become the Eunuch bitch of barbaric Islam. Where once Britain strode the World. Arrayed in the Nations she had conquered, with the dress of victory. With her deeds sitting as many crowns upon her brow .
Now the Nations laugh & mock her saying: She was the one who Conquered the world! Who cried the sun never set on their Empire.
Look ! She has become a whore in the sight of men. A loathsome thing that all honor or integrity has fled. In the dust she lays even her glories of the past, like filth in her mouth. Her children flee in horror of infection from her harlotries. Even those that fought her , tremble knowing there time will come. This is what happens to Nations who trust in the wiles of men while forsaking G-D for the honors of man. Thos that make idols of human institutions, than worship the flesh. Saying in their hearts there is no G-D. Who turn there backs on the right road of moral accountability, to walk the easy left path into darkness. G-D has left you to silly notions with foolish pride. Thus you are left to your own devices. Worked out real well has it not?
The sad thing is its happening all over now. Wilders is the only one to make a stand in the sand & point no farther. Canada has almost been done in, America becomes more dhimmi by the day.
This will end in a bloody mess.
What a waste of humanity.

29 January 2009 at 00:48  
Blogger Don Meaker said...

Alas, Winnie was right, that was their finest hour.

29 January 2009 at 04:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are being destroyed from within by a virus. Muslims are just beneficiaries of this process; they are a symptom.

The real cause is the Holocaust and the insane blaming of the entire white race by the jews for it.

Churchill's jewish adviser during the war said as such. He talked of the abdication of the white man. What he meant was its destruction.

29 January 2009 at 12:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is Wrong in the UK? I think that are identicall with Germany. We have massive Problems with the Members of the " Religion of Peace ". And i dont understand why the People in England are not going in Resistens to this Gaylord....i found this here :


29 January 2009 at 13:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How crazy is this. Lord Ahmed should fry in prison for his vehicular homicide. Instead, he will gloat and bloat even more. He is EVIL. I can't believe your government caved in to him. Muslims do not care what your government says. They have Lord Ahmed to do their bidding and other idiots like him. You might as well bend over and hang on. muslims are ruining your country. why are you letting them get by with it and not standing up to them. they are W O R T H L E S S

29 January 2009 at 17:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Islam is practiced by people of many races, therefore to oppose some of the tenets of Islam is not "racist". Radical Islam is a supremacist ideology - it surely is not racist to oppose that!

(BTW, some of us are "anonymous" because we participate in a lot of these blogs and don't have the time or energy to register with all of them)

Joel B. in USA

29 January 2009 at 18:33  
Anonymous Dallas said...

If I were the Baroness I would have told him that the fight would be on, then call a press conference and expose the threats made and call on Scotland Yard and other law enforcement/anti-terrorist agencies to investigate and provide security.Courage is a necessary requirement in anyone who would resist tyranny, whether it was the Nazis, the Communists or Islamist-Nazis It is a sad fact that there are no politicians in Europe like Winston Churchill who have the courage to stand up to these tyrants. The few citizens who do find themselves to be enemies not of the Islamist but also of the political establishment.

29 January 2009 at 19:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scrap the sham which is the House of Fools, sorry Lords, and if only we had one person in the Government with the guts and determination of Winnie,if only.

29 January 2009 at 20:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or maggie!.

29 January 2009 at 20:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do we contact the Lords by email to vent our anger at threats against our freedoms

29 January 2009 at 20:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To those thinking of joining and then voting for the BNP, as they believe that the 3 parties are too impotent to do anything about the threat of an Islamic takeover of Great Britain, can Jews also join up?

Anonymous British Jew

29 January 2009 at 22:16  
Anonymous Richard said...

"It is reported that he ‘threatened to mobilise 10,000 Muslims to prevent Mr Wilders from entering the House and threatened to take the colleague who was organising the event to court’"

Perhaps the Baronness feared that Lord Ahmed was going to personally give each one a lift to Westminster in his car, and so selflessly decided to spare London drivers the carnage?

PS I am interested to hear what His Grace thinks of the recent Papal controversy.

29 January 2009 at 22:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

29 January 2009 at 22:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hooray! I finally found a British site that is not occupied by the Guardianistos. I don't know much about how your House of Lords operates, but here in the states we sign petitions, email our Representatives and write letters.
Why don't you start a petition to have this offensive Lord removed from office? At the very least there is a large number of commenters here who should put pen to paper and send it to the House of Lords. We have problems here in the states too, but nothing like I've seen happening in Britain. God Save the Queen!
Annie in the USA

29 January 2009 at 23:31  
Blogger Rocky said...

I was shocked to read this story.

What's wrong with the British people allowing their government to demean them like this?

I'll tell you what's going to happen. If you ever do rise to defend your country and your rights, you are going to need outside assistance. And I hope that the US doesn't life a finger. I know for sure that you will not get my grandsons!

Sadly, the Brits have turned out to be weak and subservient. You will all end up being downstairs and serving your Muslim friends, upstairs.

30 January 2009 at 00:07  
Anonymous Shaven-headed tattooed knuckledragger said...

Anonymous British Jew -

Jews are welcome to join the BNP


30 January 2009 at 00:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

30 January 2009 at 02:04  
Blogger cajunlady said...

I cannot believe that the country that established democracy worldwide over the centuries has lost its testicles to the point where a mere ten thousand muslim would intimidate it. You guys need to wipe the slate clean and vote in a new governing authority. Better do it now before muslim demographics catch up with you.

30 January 2009 at 03:09  
Blogger mississippimud2007 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

30 January 2009 at 03:15  
Anonymous Marc said...

Appeasement begets cowardice, and cowardice begets a “cranium-ectomy.” It's time for Englishmen to defend Western Civilization. Because if England falls, America is next. God save the Queen and Western Civilization.

Best Regards,
Marc of America

30 January 2009 at 03:26  
Blogger Eat Halal said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

30 January 2009 at 03:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can I a UK citizen lay a charge of threatening behaviour (and whatever else will stick) against the Islamic Lord from outside the UK?

How can I lay a complaint against the Lords for failing to honour the human rights and democracy of England from outside England?


30 January 2009 at 05:34  
Blogger wileysnakeskins said...

I'm going to research any and all products produced in Britain and sold in the United States. Then, I'm going to email this to everyone I know and start a little boycot of those dihmmi produced products. I will not support islam, islam's sharia law of anyone, anything, or any country, company or product produced, manufactured and shipped to be sold here by dihmmi punks. England is GONE! England is GONE; don't you dihmmi punks get it yet. Please, please respect our freedoms and culture and don't come, here, vacation here or send your dehmmi crap here. Winston must be spinning in his grave, shame on all dihmmi wimps, ey mate.

30 January 2009 at 07:40  
Blogger wileysnakeskins said...

Who's the idiot calling Geerd Wilders a racist? You've got to be kidding, are their people on here that are so ignorant they can actually claim, an ideology and false religion, false prophet and ideology of hate is a race! islam is a fraud, an insane plan to take over the world, but, definately not a race. A race is black, brown, yellow or whatever, is islam one of those, NO CERTAINLY NOT; yo, take you opologist misdirection to some ignorant people that don't know islam, its ideology and end game, dihmmi fool. By the way your tax is late, we'll have to beat you just a litte.

30 January 2009 at 07:45  
Blogger wileysnakeskins said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

30 January 2009 at 07:51  
Blogger wileysnakeskins said...

Anonymous said
Wow, I can't wait to ask one of my Jewish friends why they blame the entire white race for the holocaust! I'm just totally shocked I didn't know this fact, wow, howed they all get over there at the same time to light the ovens? Not only a cultural question but also scientific since there's a transportaion problem as well. It's so nice to have such inteligent persons to guide us in the true knowledg of the world's events. Thanks to you for your islamic opologist retoric, I'm really fooled by the code name. It's surprising most of the islmic comments are so hateful and screaming when they could just all calmly present blatant lies such as yours and the entire world would be changed, we'd all bend over and take your beheaing, taxing, beating and humiliation without a word. I'm not the one to take islam or sharia law lying down, the first time it's passed in my community there will be deaths at the city or county board meeting, and they won't be ChristianAmericanPatriots dying there!

30 January 2009 at 08:00  
Anonymous Fitna Should be longer said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

30 January 2009 at 08:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the general sentiments expressed above in that the correct remedy by their noble lordships should have been to call the noble lord's bluff and cordially invite him to amass his legions outside the houses of parliament all baying for blood. That way, it's just remotely possible that some good might have come of it....assuming, of course, that the BBC could bring themselves to report it (OK, some doubt, there) and that the white population, as at present the majority (but not for much longer) might actually realize where their future lies. (This is, of course, either outside what was the UK, or inside the UK minus a head)

30 January 2009 at 11:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm an American and I just received a forwarded copy of the Archbishop's article on Lord Ahmed. I couldn't actually read all of the comments, so I don't know if this question has been asked and answered, but as this is the House of Lords (in particular), has Her Highness the Queen anything to say about this? We have a growing problem of the same kind here in the USA. Muslims are immune from every criticism; but if you are a Christian (we will not even include white, heterosexual of European descent) and you dare to open your mouth about anything, all hell breaks loose. Should something similar happen here, Obama would turn a blind eye toward it --- or perhaps not even go that far.

1 February 2009 at 20:55  
Anonymous Hereward said...

Perhaps the Chief Atheist, Professor Dawkins, could be prevailed upon to host a screening of the film. Or Stewart Lee, bold writer of 'Jerry Springer, the Opera'. Surely, in their efforts to demonstrate the supposed evil of religion, they would not be so craven?

2 February 2009 at 12:10  
Anonymous Irina, Israel said...

This is your punishment for anti-semitism, Great Britain. And the worst is yet to come. Keep sleeping, the waking up will be very painful.

2 February 2009 at 15:37  
Blogger Shirlee - said...

What has happened to the land of my birth?

The British parliament being blackmailed?

I don't understand....I can recieve this information at the end end of the world and the British public doesn't know about it.

I am going to send it to the BBC and possibly a few other news outlets.

What a disgrace,

3 February 2009 at 05:16  
Anonymous Shaven-headed tattooed knuckledragger said...

The Brownnosing Brainwashing Corporation is still peddling its 'Muslims Invented Everything' toxic mixture of grovelling dhimmitude and barefaced taqiyya.

The truth, of course is rather different: fast-breeding Muslims are a serious waste of space and resources on an overcrowded planet.

Is this propaganda an attempt to downgrade the Judeo-Christian contribution to the modern world, or to make the British feel happier about having these fast-breeders bring ecological and social havoc to a once green and pleasant land, or is it to make the pedo-worshippers themselves feel better about being such backward, inbred, useless parasites?

3 February 2009 at 15:10  
Blogger jp said...

It is time for a BNP MP to sit in the parliment and rely to the right detestable Lord Ahmed, that we will mobilise 100,000 ethnis Brits who have had enough of his manipulation and threats of Jihad, this is a 96% christian country, yet his 7% muslims can bully us in to anything they want!!! this is a democracy and the majority should deside, but MUSLIM COUNCIL OF BRITIAN has bought all our MPs and we are powerless to these bigots,
lets unite, like the lads now British jobs for Brits, lets have MPs who stand up for the majority in this green land of ours that our granpsrents fought against facsists(islam is the new Facsists)
Do you want to be stoned to death for drinking ale? or have Sharia law forced upon you? well its time to make a stand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WAKE UP UK to the enemy within.

3 February 2009 at 19:57  
Blogger Cranmer said...

Mr JP,

Your BNP sympathies are ill-guided. The strategy you advocate will have no more effect upon Parliament than the one UKIP member of the House of Commons or the two UKIP members of the House of Lords presently have for liberating the UK from the clutches of the EU.

The BNP are an odious irrelevance, and if they have persuaded you that the '7% Muslims bully us' then they (and you) ought to make a few friends who might identify themselves as Muslim. You might learn that the overwhelming majority are as British, patriotic and democratic as any (and sometimes moreso). And, indeed, many are increasingly secular in their outlook.

3 February 2009 at 20:56  
Anonymous Fuckislam said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

4 February 2009 at 03:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You see Israel has been fighting the war I am afraid the west will have to fight, for the past 60 years. Forget any anti-semitism you may harbour just look at Israel's history and learn. Because Israel is just a small sideline in Islams true intention. You are all in their target. The media continues to demonise Israel whilst the 5th column gathers strengh.

9 February 2009 at 18:09  
Anonymous Hot Fuzz said...

interesting post

21 March 2009 at 00:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There a line that freedom of speech and expression should not cross, such as the lack of respect, lack of respect for the queen by the media, lack of respect for religious believes. Now if Christians are happy for all and sundry to mock the Church and the Bible, for Muslims this is a red line that should n't be crossed, and people need to understand that. Respect Religious.

22 April 2009 at 23:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually the more I think about it I think the Jews would do the same and use their lobbies everywhere if someone tried to mock their faith, so why are people jumping around when it's to do with Islam. This is Islamophobia that many people are suffering from.

22 April 2009 at 23:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yesterday Lord *cough* Ahmed spoke before a Dutch camera and called Geert Wilders a fascist, again.
In my opinion, Lord Ahmed is the real fascist and also a racist. This clown being in your parlement really shows it all. Don't you Brits have any self esteem?

14 October 2009 at 06:53  
Blogger gill1109 said...

I'm Dutch, have been following Wilders with interest over the years. Now if anyone is a fascist, he certainly is. The movie "Fitna" is pretty poor taste, it's a propaganda movie. I would be pleased to elaborate.

9 November 2009 at 04:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nazir Ahmed a former fishfryer who was very vorciferuos Muslim Councillor on Rotherham Council, which he left under a heavy cloud of suspicion of using confidential council information to enable his brother to bid at auction for a Council owned property. A complaint was made about him regarding this to the Local Covernment Ombudsman. But his investigations into the matter got nowhere for noble Nazir Ahmed, this man of integrity, refused to answer a single question the LGO put to him. This is not gossip, but fact that was widely reported in the Rotherham press at the time! Oh and for those who asked how this slimeball managed to get in the House of Lords: Tony Blair wanted Muslims in the House of Lords(for the Muslim vote of course) and it was Denis MacShane Rotherham's MP who proposed him for a peerage.

27 December 2009 at 15:06  
Anonymous girl said...

The Far‑right Dutch politician will now be put on trial for his public statements against Islam. As a result of the meeting at the House of Lords not going ahead, all protests and demonstrations have now been cancelled Lord Ahmed termed the decision as “a victory for the Muslim community.

24 March 2010 at 14:51  
Blogger gill1109 said...

I don't know whether Lord Ahmed or Geert Wilders is the more despicable person.

24 March 2010 at 15:09  
Anonymous inchirieri apartamente cluj said...

I agree with Bryan being anti-Islamic is no more racist than being anti-Nazi I think we should be more tolerant and open to ideeas but not to tolerate people with bizarre behavior

21 September 2010 at 09:15  
Blogger Donna said...

I wonder if Cranmer ever realised the significance of the 10,000 muslims Ahmed threatened to mobilise?

Islamic history.

In ad 629 Muhammed and 10,000 muslim warriors captured Mecca and established Islam within it, so as you see 10,000 is a very significant number to muslims (the birth of Islam), i suppose Ahmed thought he was being clever and the dhimmis would not understand but some of us did, some of us did...

9 November 2011 at 01:47  

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