Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pastor Saeed writes to the world from his Iranian prison

His Grace has long been following Iran's appalling persecution of Christians. Here now is another: Pastor Saeed Abedini is currently serving an eight-year sentence in one of Iran’s most brutal and deadly prisons – merely for exercising his fundamental human right to religious freedom; simply because he is a Christian. His case is not as high-profile as that of Pastor Nadarkhani, but it ought to be. Please help spread the word. Please Tweet #SaveSaeed. Please sign the ACLJ Petition. Please pray.


Blogger Lord Lavendon said...

Your Grace,

Dash it all, freedom of religion is the key to being a free and parliamentary democracy. I shall gladly leave my signature for this Christian Minister's petition. And to pray and light candles for our brothers and sisters who are persecuted in those lands.

The Persian state is a fundamentalist Islamic state, which wants to commit genocide against another small, but Godly people- our Jewish brothers and sisters. The fundamentalists call them 'the mini Satan'; Great Britain is the 'Lesser Satan' and America the 'Great Satan'.

And this from the country of the Magi or the Jewish astronomers, scientists , Philosophers, learned people, Kings or Wise Men who visited our Lord as an infant 2,000 years ago in the stable.

How long must the west stand by and allow this vile odious fascist style regime to stand? A country dedicated to genocide of a people who have only half a century been subject to the same.

The fascists in Persia are trying to achieve this by the production of nuclear weapons must surely be given a thorough thrashing? Or will the West stand by and permit another genocide against God's people?

The west did nothing when the great people of Persia tried to rise up against this tyranny.

Jesus Wept. And so do I.

23 February 2013 at 18:45  
Blogger non mouse said...

So. First, we invite them them to invade our lands. Then we teach them how to fight us; we show them how to produce nuclear weapons; and we leave our own equipment behind for them to use against us.

And then we apologise.

What are we? Suicidal?

Yes, Your Grace. I'll pray for the Christians who are in Arab lands; but I think we'd better start praying for ourselves as well.

23 February 2013 at 19:07  
Blogger Nick said...

Putting aside the politics for a moment, I think Pastor Saeed has a message for all Christians, that of steadfastness and forgiveness. Forgiveness does not mean condoning of course, it is not acquitting anyone of their sins, it is however removing ourselves from the firing line of God's wrath so that we are not caught up in the destruction of the wicked.

pastor Saeed is not preaching hatred of his enemies - Gods wrath will be far more destructive than human hate, or even nuclear weapons.

I think this is a vile regime but it is still not our job to hate them (Luke 9:53 to 55). If Israel is attacked by Iran it will of course strike back and Iran will likely be finished as a nation. Are Irans leaders ready for their own country's anihilation?

23 February 2013 at 21:13  
Blogger Hannah Kavanagh said...

Your Grace

What a horrid regime Iran is to imprison a Christian Vicar just for him expressing his faith!

And whilst this regime does this sort of thing, not a whiff of condemnation from the Israel haters such as Corrigan and Thomas Wood; strange given that it is their own religion which is being persecuted.

But then, this is typical of the *double standards* of the Guardian type people; attack tiny democratic Israel for numerous falsehoods, but ignore the horrid crimes of the other regimes in the region- like the current butchering of the citizens of Syria and the oppression of the people of Iran (who don't want to live in a fundamentalist Islamic state). Shame!

23 February 2013 at 23:12  
Blogger david kavanagh said...

Simply put I'd say Amen to the comments above and to the initial post.

23 February 2013 at 23:35  
Blogger NamronMit said...

This message from a persecuted pastor in Iran is something that we take note of. It shows the unwavering faith of the believer, similar to Paul imprisoned in Rome, and is something that is incredibly admirable.

We need to make sure that we hug those who hurt us, and that we show love no matter what the situation is. After all, we are called to be the people who preach God's Word, with is a Word of love and salvation.

Thank you to His Grace for bring our attention to this video, I really needed it.

24 February 2013 at 01:27  
Blogger bluedog said...

non mouse said @ 19.07, 'I'll pray for the Christians who are in Arab lands;'

But them Iranians ain't Arabs.

And there's the rub, Your Grace. Iranian repression of Christianity and Christians is deplorable, but at least there are Christians. One never reads of a Pastor from Saudi Arabia being imprisoned, and yet we permit Saudi financed schools, madrassars and mosques in what was formerly described as Christendom.

When will the West square up to the Saudis and demand reciprocity, or else?

24 February 2013 at 11:19  
Blogger non mouse said...

Thank you, Mr. bluedog. I guess I'm confusing race and religion because it's so very long since I read The Seven Pillars of Wisdom! In addition to which, you've helped me to see that Islam continues to unite disparate interests: those of Afro-Asiatics and Indo-Europeans. There in Persia we see them under one Power.

Ah well. Indo-Europeans have a long tradition of weaving and inter-weaving. We may also understand linkage between East and West: not for nothing, was Athene idolised for war, wisdom, and weaving. Lest we forget, though, the East shares that knowledge with Judaeo-Christians.

Unfortunately, we Westerners presently seem rather better at unravelling our precious fabric ... than at linking it to the True Source of our skill. Those Christians set in the Moslem context do indeed deserve all our support. Thanks to His Grace for displaying the tapestry!

24 February 2013 at 17:00  
Blogger Kinderling said...

One God-Worshipper against other God-Worshippers in a God-Worshipping Country.

Has Religion played any hand in this?

If he is freed and his young children say "papa, I don't want any part of this Christ Fettish" will he be gentle to them and let them grow in their own light?

May he learn the reality of Man:
that some are more conscious than others and Religion is a great way to self-impose a stupor of unconflicted peace. Forgive them, for they know not what they do, seven times seventy times.

24 February 2013 at 19:09  

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